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Buy ACE – 031 Online

This is known also as ACVR2B or ACTRIIB, which is a synthetically Protein that was originally developed by two bio pharmaceuticals companies, Like Acceleron and Shire, for its potential ability to inhibit myostatin and other naturally occurring proteins that limits muscle growth. Buy ACE-031 online.

It was hypothesized that ACE-031 would act as a decoy receptor for catabolic proteins, especially myostatin and bind with them in an effort to keep them away from muscle fibers. Studies have been conducted to determine if ACE-031 is an effective treatment for children who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy know as DMD for short.

What is Myostatin(BUY ACE-031 USA)?

Myostatin, is abbreviated as GDF-8 (Growth Differentiation Factor-8). Its a protein naturally produced in mammals, which acts on muscle cells as inhibitor of myogenesis(differentiation and growth of muscle cells).The gene encoding mysotatin was discovered in 1997 by geneticists Se-Jin Lee and Alexandra McPherron wo produced a strain of mutant mice that lack the gene,ACE-031.

These scientist produce a strain of mice that lacked the gene and had approximately twice as much as normal mice.

Packaging  and Usage

ACE-031 is packaged into vials as a powder and needs to be completely dissolved in bacteriostatic water. The water should be injected directly into the vial. The vial should not be shaken, but it can be gently rotated in order to dissolve any remaining powder. ACE-031 1mg can be dissolved by using 1ml of water to provide 1mg of ACE-031 in every 1mlof solution. This solution can be injected in 1 single dosage for maximum efficacy or split into several smaller doses. The ACE-031 solution should be stored in the fridge for up to one month.

For optimal growth of lean muscle mass, ACE-031 DOSAGE CAN BE INJECTED UPTO 3MG/KG. Since the half-life of ACE-031 is up to 15 days than this dosage should not be exceeded within a 2 weeks periods. Subcutaneous or intramuscular injections are optimal when administering these peptides.

Side Effects

Treatment with ACE-031 up to 3mg/kg was shown to be safe and well tolerated in healthy individuals. All side effects that have been reported using ACE-031 at these concentrations are mild and the most common side effect is headache.


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